adult, who won't' grow up.

i like the doctor.
and my husband.
and the beatles.
and lots of other things.

i do not like gingerbread men.
nor depression, it sucks.

1. all-time favourite character in star wars.

2. favourite member of the rebellion.

3. favourite member of the empire.

4. favourite jedi.

5. favourite droid.

6. favourite type of ship, or specific ship.

7. favourite planet.

8. favourite movie in the original trilogy.

9. favourite movie in the prequel trilogy.

10. favourite photo that’s related to star wars.

11. favourite battle.

12. all time favourite scene in any of the movies.

13. favourite quote.

14. a scene that makes you happy.

15. a scene that makes you sad/angry.

16. photo of your star wars related things (books, action figures, posters, shirts, etc.)

17. your favourite moment in the phantom menace.

18. your favourite moment in attack of the clones.

19. your favourite moment in revenge of the sith.

20. your favourite moment in a new hope.

21. your favourite moment in empire strikes back.

22. your favourite moment in return of the jedi.

23. something you wished was different in the series.

24. a character you didn’t like in the series.

25. your favourite book/series from the expanded universe.

26. your favourite obi-wan kenobi quote.

27. your favourite yoda quote.

28. your favourite darth vader quote.

29. best star wars related story/incident you’ve had.

30. why you love star wars.

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